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Greenvalley International School is all about creating world class leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

GreenValley achieves this mission through personalized learning plans for its children. We believe that each child is uniquely talented. Here is a wonderful opportunity for your child to be part of our amazing learning experience!

We are conducting a test to identify children who are exceptionally good in “Creativity, Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving” skills. The test consists of three rounds. Selected children will be provided up to 100% scholarship till the 12th standard at GreenValley International School, Peyad.

Age Limit: 7-13


Test First Round: 9, 10 & 11, Feb 2018


Second Round: 24 Feb 2018


Third Round: 25 Feb 2018


Result Announcement: 25 Feb 2018

Terms & Conditions

This scholarship program does not apply to children who are studying or who studied more than a year in GreenValley International School.

This scholarship program does not apply to children whose parents/guardians are employed by GreenValley International School or Bodha Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.

The final decision on the scholarship will be taken by the Panel of Judges and management of GreenValley International School.